I am a self taught artist, and work mainly in oils and pastels. My work is figurative. I am stimulated by a wide variety of subject matter, and like to express myself with color. Art is a sensual experience for me and I like to explore its boundaries of light, shape, color, form, balance, and contrast. Although my work is representational, I do not feel constrained by any sense of photographic accuracy. Over the years, this freedom has found expression in a blending of the figurative with an impressionistic strain. I have little knowledge of what lies ahead, but the journey remains a source of great excitement.

      I spent my growing years in India. I enjoy traveling, reading, playing a mediocre game of tennis, and have taught and practiced cardiology in the US for more than four decades. My wife and I raised our three sons in Kansas City and have lived here since 1987. Our sons are now grown and we look forward to their visits to our home in Prairie Village with much anticipation and joy. 


      My mother was an accomplished Batik and fabric artist, and painting was an integral part of my formative years in India. Later, I had the privilege of working with Ann Layne in Richmond during the years I spent teaching at the Medical College of Virginia. Ann traces her artistic lineage back to Hans Hoffman and Henri Matisse, which I have always found quite intriguing. Beverly Nichols introduced me to the medium of pastels at the Kansas City Art Institute, and over the years I have had the good fortune of painting and learning with many talented artists in the Kansas City art community.